Online store management system on steroids


Online store management system on steroids

vvShop is the perfect solution for online selling and here's why

  • wide functionality
  • top performance
  • open source code
  • simple template engine

Optimized. Written on the most popular technologies PHP and MySQL.

vvShop - online store for professionals!


The system allows to achieve excellent results in speed, even in conditions of limited resources. This allows the visitor to receive instantly the page content from this site rises higher in the search results. Customer is not waiting. Online store conversions are growing

The system is most adapted for promotion in search engines according to the latest algorithms. SEO agency has carried out work on the maximum setting for promotion. It is a guarantee that you will reach the first positions due to the most powerful technical side and correct setting

Open source, simple template engine, unlimited number of products and categories. Optimized for search engines, gzip, clean urls, meta, breadcrumbs and more. Written on the most popular and modern technologies. Introduced all the newest developments in the field of e-commerce

The vvShop online store script includes

  • microformats and microdata for goods
  • xml sitemap + sitemap for pictures
  • blog
  • news with archive, tags for relink
  • comparison of goods
  • wish list of goods
  • personal account of the buyer
  • newsletter subscription
  • unloading stock balance
  • promotional codes (coupon codes)
  • button to call back
  • tight integration with social networks
  • flexible and easy setup
  • independent filters
  • reviews, ratings and comments
  • purchase in 1 click
  • cross products under different conditions
  • payment and delivery methods
  • integration with delivery system
  • multibrand with filters on them
  • management of meta tags
  • category tree
  • sorting goods
  • generation of yml file
  • auto generated urls
  • breadcrumbs
  • full-ajax
  • and much more…

Hosting requirements

  • Apache+mod_rewrite or Nginx
  • MySQL5 and higher
  • PHP7 and higher
  • GD2 for image compression

With the engine supply an installer that allows you to conveniently and simply deploy the script on your hosting.

Often, the store lacks something of its own, respectively, it is easier to add a new function to a simple and fast script than to understand or implement this function in the monster engine. It’s like entering a cluttered apartment, it seems like everything, but finding something concrete is impossible. Many CMS suffer from the fact that it is written very hard and confusing, it is difficult to work with such systems and improvements are very expensive.

If necessary, you can quickly integrate the system 1c at the level of data exchange. This allows real-time to publish on the site catalogs of goods from 1s, price lists, upload orders and their status, as well as data on balances in stock and back.

vvShop is designed for projects that require complex individual custom solutions. This will allow you to save time and money to create an individual store.

Can I see it?

The script works in demo mode, editing functions are disabled

Admin panel
Password: demo
E-mail: vasia@site.ru
Password: password_vasia

Project launch
from $ 399

vvShop is written very easily and clearly. Improvements will written and integrated with maximum ease

Any questions, contact me, mail dev@xfor.top or telegram @igoves

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